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I was wondering when your kids really started talking(besides mama. dada. baba etc). My DS is going to be 2 in june and is not yet talking. He had a bit of a rocky start, He had seizures when he was born and was in the NICU for 10 days. He has been completely seizure free and happy since he was an infant. DS also loved the binky, he used it non stop until I weaned him from it about 4 months ago.
I just recently gave birth to baby # 2 and I am really having problems dealing with a toddler that doesnt speak. He gets so frusturated and throws tantrums because god forbid I am not a mind reader! I have a speach therapist that comes out and works with him once a week but she seems to be at a road block because you cant force someone to talk ya know. We also use sign language with him and he knows aboput 20 signs.
I guess I was just looking for reassurance that not all kids have a 50 word vocabulary at his age. Anyone one else been trough this or have advice on getting a sweet frusturated toddler to talk?
My son just turned 2 a few eeks ago, and a month ago wasn't saying much either. I would say he was saying about 50 words, just not showing that he was progressing. We had him evaluated for all sorts of things, all were fine, so we just waited. He literally woke up a few weeks ago and was talking, like something just clicked. I would suggest checking him out as far as a developmental specialist goes, just in case, but the fact that he's showing frustrtaion is a good thing, because he WANTS to talk, he just hasn't connected it yet. I wish I wasn't so worried at the time, because now he's going a mile a minute, and I'm sure your son will too........does he hit all of his other milestones? Does he point, make animal sounds, "socialize" with others, make eye contact?
Neither of my boys were saying much when they turned two. Just a few isolated words. It wasn't long after before they figured it all out, though.
Every child is different - mine spoke in full sentances by the time he was 16 months and so did my niece, but I know of 3 of my relatives and friends children who didn't speak until they were between 2-3. If you are concerned, you might want to have a doctor look at him. I have a friend who had a similar experience and found out that her son has mild autism. Another friend in the same situation was told to put her son in daycare a few days a week and within about 2 months he was talking up a storm.

Good luck!
You have to talk to your pediatritian. If necessary he will send him for free evaluation, and you have people working with him at your home for free. My friend's son doesn't speak at 3 so they are taking him to John Hopkins and she has people who come and work with him for free.
You might want to have him checked for autism. Doctors usually check for that when a child is not saying 2 word phrases by the age of 2. Tantrums are a sign as well. Does he ignore you when you call his name. Autistic children act like they are deaf. I am not a doctor, but my cousin's child is 3 now and he still doesn't talk. I can only make out a few words. I think he is autistic, but I can't tell her because I don't want to upset her. I am not saying that is what it is, but you can at least rule it out.

A speech therapist is a good start.
Mine was a babbler, but nothing made sense. We could terll he was asking us and trying to talk, but not understand what he was saying. He would start getting frustrated and appear to ignore us... he did ignore us. Well a major factor was he had severely enlarged adnoids and retained water in his ears.. resulting in over a 30% hearing loss at the time in both ears. We took him to an ENT due to chronic ear/sinus infections and the slurring of his words.

Well at 2 and 2 months we had an adnoidectomy and ear tube insertion surgery performed. He recovered like a trooper and with in twenty four hours there was an increased clarity to his speech after a month the difference was staggering.

It may not be ear fluid.. but that was my story. Our friends have two daughters, both have very similar personalities.. they were watchers and listeners. Very quite and shy, but smart. It took them a while but when they started talking what they said was amazing and varied. So I would check first for ear fluid and adnoid issues. If there is no physical reason for a hearing problem, then your child is storing up those words and will unleash them when least expected.

My DS was diagnosed with an expressive speech delay when he turned 2. He was maybe saying 5 words. He could understand everything you said to him but could not communicate except to grunt. We started speech therapy in Sept./06. He made very slow but steady progress. Then about April of this year almost overnight he starting speaking in complete sentences. He has graduated from speech therapy and tests above average in expressive language.
I worried about the situation a lot and I feel like speech therapy was beneficial.
But it just seemed like when he was ready he started talking.

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