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My daughter is 5. I doubt she will ever think I am the one who has taken her father from her. She still remembers the last time he was suposed to pick her up from school a year ago and never showed - my boyfriend picked her up instead since her dad decided to make other plans and backout on her. She is smart. The thing that has always bothered me is that he decides to show up at his convenience just enough to figure out who she is again and then decide to stop seeing her for a year at a time. He typically tries to come back into her life when he wants to use her as a ploy to impress a new girlfriend he has (he tells everyone he sees that he takes her on the weekends when he hasn't seen her in a year) It bothers me that he uses her in his little games to impress people and play wonderful dad until he finally decides that being a father is too much for him or he decides that he doesnt have time again and he just vanishes. I have never, nor would I ever put anything in front of my daughter. I hate seeing her heart broken and she deserves the best which is certainly not what he wants for her when he doesn't see her for months on end. He doesn't even call her on her birthdays or holidays! I don't know about your ex, was he that unavailable for your kids or was he always in their lives?

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