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Re: We need help!!!
Aug 30, 2007
telling a child 15 times to do something, is 13 times too many! it's a problem i have recently discovered in my own parenting style! if i tell my oldest to do something, and then keep telling her over and over again, she just will NOT do it! i finally have started cracking down, and have told her i'll ask her to do something one time, then she'll get a warning, then she gets time out or a spanking, or some other punishment.

for example, today i asked her to clean her room so we could have lunch. she kept playing. i asked her again and told her if it wasn't done in three minutes, she'd go straight to bed with no lunch and a hungry tummy! well, she didn't clean her room, and so i made her go to bed without lunch. she screamed and cried and kicked the wall and threw a huge fit about it, but she eventually settled down and went to sleep and had a good nap. when she got up, she was good as gold and when the time came to clean up, she did a fantastic job, and she usually NEVER cleans up!

anyway, i think you give too many chances and she needs consistant discipline. as far as the fear of storms is concerned..... have you considered allowing her to "research" what makes a storm so that she can better understand them? you might take her to the library so she could pick out books about it, or let her look online... obviously you'd have to help her and guide her to appropriate material for her age.... but if she understood it better, she might not be so afraid..... just a thought.

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