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Hi guys! Well thank you for the opinions/input.I appreciate you taking the time to respond. As of right now it seems things are "mellowing " out a bit with my dd and my friend. Actually she recently had a birthday party and invited him to it. this was on her own free will. I understand the ramifications of moving too fast into a relationship,post parental split up, and the negative effects it may or may not have,( heck my mom is on her 3rd husband) and certainly I do not want to subject either of my children to something that may be detrimental either now or long term and that is why things are being handled in a very casual way. Maybe once every two weeks or so he comes to have dinner or something simple like that . Even when we greet each other and my children are present there is NO PDA's , there have been no over nights etc....

I know one of your responses indicated that I should wait till my daughter is well into her teen years, I'm sorry but I personally don't think that is realistic. I am very involved with my children and all that they do. I try very hard to balance family, work and adult time always putting my children front and center. When i am in the process of making decisions one of my first thoughts are how will this affect my children and so on...And I do do things one on one with both of my children , as time will allow. Certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion and I value what anyone has to offer.So again thanks for taking the time to give me whats on your mind .:)

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