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We did the gate with both our girls too. It wasn't after any incidents, we just used the gate from the start of the big girl bed. I don't think it's mean at all...of course I don't, or I wouldn't have used it! But we've always lived in a one-story home and I always worried about them wandering around when we were still sleeping. I, too, made sure all was safe in their rooms, so if they did get up before us, it was safe to be alone in their room for a bit.

The gate did wonders for teaching about bedtime as well. It was like "it's bedtime and that's stay in your bed" They are now 7 and 5 and we haven't used the gate for either in a very long time. But they also go to bed and that's the last we see of them until the next morning. I have friends whose kids are the same age and older who still get up and visit them or even come to the parents' bed at night. I just couldn't imagine. I think ours learned very early on that bedtime is in their own room once you are there, that's it. Of course, sickness or a dream can change things up a bit, but I've always gone to their bed to comfort them and then leave to return to my own bed. I've always said I would stay for 5 minutes and then I need to go back to my bed. I didn't want them to fall asleep with me there and then wake up to see I was gone. So I always made them aware that I was returning to my bed.

Anyway, the gate worked great for us. The door was open and they both knew if they needed us, we would come to them.

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