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yeah, my two are perfect angels, so i really don't know what to tell you..... and then i woke up....... :)

i have learned with my oldest that time out is only effective if i completely ignore her the whole time she is in there. otherwise, if i tried talking to her or lecturing her while she was in time out, she just laughed and thought it was funny.

one new thing i started doing just before she turned 3, is time out doesn't begin until she is sitting with her legs crossed and her mouth shut and no noise. she used to throw tantrums and scream and kick the wall, and it made time out more of a pain to do, so i kept trying to avoid doing it. so with the new rule she can throw a fit all day if she wants to but time out doesn't start until she's sitting quietly. it's made time out a lot easier and she almost never throws fits about it anymore!

with my younger one, who is almost 2, the only thing that works for her is putting her in the play yard when she is acting up. usually just the threat of putting her in the play yard is enough to get her to change her behavior because she HATES getting locked up!

you mentioned the diaper changing thing. you might start using pull ups and letting him change his own diaper in the morning if he's just wet. tell him he can wear big boy diapers and change his own diaper if he is wet. but tell him if he's poopy, mommy has to change him and if he throws a fit, no more big boy diapers. it's good practice for teaching him to get himself dressed and when he can get his own pants on it makes it so much easier to ease into potty training too! plus he really thinks he's in charge, and that's all they want at two years old anyway!

same for getting dressed. let him "pick out his clothes" - meaning set out a few shirts and shorts and let him pick which ones he will wear. then start teaching him how to get himself undressed and dressed. and then do that whole lecture about only when mommy says its okay so he's not streaking through the mall!

and for his little sister.... WELL.... one thing i've been trying so hard to stress with my oldest is that it is her JOB to help take care of her little sister (they're exactly 2 years apart). and we talk about what taking care of her means (to protect her and keep her safe and love her), and are we doing that if we hurt her? and i tell her that someday her baby sister will be bigger and she'll be more fun and they can play together. we had this talk at least three times a week from the time her baby sister was born until she was nearly a year old, then we dropped down to once a week, and now it's probably every few weeks as a reminder. i do think it helped!

good luck! two's don't HAVE to be all that terrible...... :)

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