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I would do two things:

First, be sure that you are reminding her regularly to go potty. When you know that it's been awhile, [I]insist [/I]that she potty. Four-year-olds get so involved in what they are doing that they don't stop for a potty break until it's too late.

Second, have you tried a reward chart for her? Kids her age usually love that. Set up a simple chart with days of the week and a reward column at the end. "Dry days" get a star. Be clear with her ahead of time what the criteria is for getting the star and the reward at the end. Make it easy at first - you want her to be successful - and then gradually make it more difficult.

So, in the beginning only 1 accident a day may count as "dry" and she has to have 5 out of 7 days "dry" to get a reward on the weekend. Later, only zero accidents count as "dry", etc but she still can have 2 accidents a week and get a reward. Eventually she has to be dry (no accidents) all 7 days of the week to get the reward.

Good luck!

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