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Re: Child spacing ?
Oct 17, 2007
I had my first 2 daughters 18 months apart. That worked very well for them. They were best friends for many of their childhood years but then did hit a spell through puberty where they couldn't stand each other. They get along great now. Almost 20 and 21. I, on the other hand, was a mess for the first year after my second daughter was born. She was colicky and had me up several times a night during the first 7 months of her life. That, coupled with trying to care for an 18 month old, was almost too much for me. I also experienced a lot of guilt those first couple of years. No matter what I did with the one daughter I felt the other one was being left out.

Fast forward 7 years after my second daughter was born. I became pregnant with my third daughter. So there is 7 years difference between her and my middle daughter and 8 1/2 years difference between her and my oldest daughter. It was OK with them until she turned 3ish and started to become annoying. Of course she was just being 3 but they couldn't see that because they were just being 10 and 11 1/2. Things are still rocky between them. She is 12 now so she has a bit of an attitude. I liked the slower pace of having only one child but don't know if she did. She has occasionally said she wishes she had a sister closer to her own age. Oh well like the PP said there will always be something you regret or feel guilty about.

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