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Eyes, thanks for sharing that! If you don't mind, I would like to save that for my daughter.

We may be looking at having Amanda hospitalized again. Her tdoc saw her at school today and said that her thinking is very disorganized and her speech was very jumbled up and out of sequence. She also said Amanda was very spacey today and she couldn't answer any of her questions and could only think about making sure I found out that she forgot her glasses and her teachers say she needs her glasses. This on top of her "imaginary friends", which her tdoc thinks is a delusion makes us think she has been manic too long and may need to be in the hospital again. She wants us to keep a close eye on her the rest of the week and if she isn't any better then we will talk hospital.

Last night she threatened to run away because I wanted her to go to bed before Dancing with the Stars was over. She seemed to rethink that when I told her that if she did I would have to call the police and she didn't want to have to deal with that so thought it best to stay home. She fell asleep a little after 9pm, but woke back up at 10:45pm saying she had a nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep. I was already in bed, but not asleep yet thank goodness or she would have stayed up all night. I heard her moving around at 11pm and found her with all the lights on and watching TV while eating a snack cake that I had told her earlier that she couldn't have because it was her brother's. I tried to explain again how important sleep is for her right now and remind her how bad of a day she has when she stays up all night, but she was still bound an determined to fight me on going back to bed. She has had a bad cough lately and her regular doc prescribed some cough medicine that makes her sleepy as well, so she took some of that and layed back down in bed and read for an hour and finally fell back to sleep around midnight.

This morning, it was almost impossible to get her moving. She laid in bed for 20 minutes screaming that she wasn't going to school and I couldn't make her, then finally got up and started screaming at her brother for talking and changed her clothes 100 times because nothing looked right, finally deciding to go with pants that are 3 sizes too big and a shirt that is too small. By then I was too tired to fight her anymore and she was in danger of missing the bus so I had to let her go to school like that. The saddest part for me is she thought she looked really good and I know the other kids are going to make fun of her, especially if the kids today are just as mean as they were when I was her age.

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