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I would try an work on the pacifier and the bottle, but the potty and the blanket I would leave go for now. My son was 3 1/2 when he finally got the whole potty thing down. He's now 4 and still wears pull up's to bed. He never has accidents during the day, but always wets his bed at nightime. I see a blanket no different than the stuffed animal I carried around for years and still sits on a shelf in my room to this day. Of course i no longer need it, but it's still cherished:)

As for the bottle and pacifier, You REALLY want to end the bottle thing. She's a toddler now and should be drinking from a cup. I find with my 2 year old, he wants so bad to be a big boy (I also have a 5 month old daughter), but if I baby him at all, he regresses and gets into "baby mode". I still give my 2 year old sippy cups b/c he likes to shake his cups. If there is no lid, then my table is then covered with his drink. After my daughter was born, my oldest who was 3 at the time, wanted to start back on sippy cups because he thought he needed one. I explained to him that he is a big boy and needed to use his big boy cup which he had been doing so well with since he had turned 3. He has plenty of cool cups with his name on them (no lids) for just him.

I swore after seeing my young cousin (who is the same age as my oldest son, now 4) walk to the fridge and get her own bottle, that there was no way I was letting my kids go that far. She was COMPLETELY able to use a cup, but her mom just decided to use a bottle b/c it was easier. I'm not saying that that is your reason, I just know my aunt very well, and she really didn't want to be bothered. Which is why my 4 year old cousin is still not potty trained, sleeps in a crib, uses a pacifier and drinks from a bottle. She can't go to school yet b/c she has to be potty trained. It has been suggested to her mom by others that she be checked for developmental problems. of course this is not the problem, it's just her mom's laziness. Once, when we were at the mall, a stranger thought my cousin was mentally challenged!

I can't give you any advice at all on how to get a bottle away from a toddler, I switched with all my kids at 13 months approx. My doc was very adamant about taking the bottle away b/f 18 months. I also never had a pacifier with any of my kids. See if you can move it to only sleep time. My SIL was able to get her son to stop using one by slowly weening him off it. Good luck!

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