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Hi there....all I can say is God Bless you for all that you are doing to help this little boy out. I have a daughter with Bipolar, she is 16 and didn't show anything as bad as what you are describing in early childhood but BP comes in all different degrees and I have heard about some that are exactly as you describe.

You ask if it is possible to have it this young...the answer is yes. You also ask if you are imagining it because now he is doing well....the thing is, Bipolar is extremely has periods of ups and downs with periods of normalcy inbetween. It is very common for parents to doubt their suspicions because of this.

Bipolar is the most heritary of mental illnesses and also the most treatable. The earlier it is treated the better the outcome for the child. Often 10-15 years go by before it is properly diagnosed and that is why doctors are seeing and treating more Early Onset BP.

I am not going to isn't an easy road. Some respond well to meds and others do not.....also, it takes a year or two to get the meds straight and to stabilize BP. And even when it is stable there will be some residual effects such as sensitivity to external stimuli, breakthrough symptoms during the seasons and relapses when the meds no longer are working. Finding the right meds once he is professionally diagnosed takes patience and a team effort on the doctor's and family's part. Bipolar affects not only the child/person but the family as a whole. There will be stability but it's duration is questionable and can be upset with situational outside occurrences and stress.

You will need to get a full psychiatric evaluation from a board certified psychiatrist (preferably with a child specialty) in order to diagnose and treat this boys Bipolar. Bipolar in children presents so differently than in adults so you need a good child psychiatrist who is able to differentiate the behavior and characteristics from other disorders. Often Bipolar has other conditions tied to it such as ADD, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, etc. making it more difficult to treat.

My guess is that this boy has Bipolar as well as other problems stemming from his traumtic relationship with his biological mom and issues of abandonment. It is going to take alot of love and sacrifice on your part or on the part of any family that adopts him.

To give you some daughter is finally stable on two meds and has been for almost 7 months now. It took us a little over a year to find the right meds but once we did she is a whole different person.

My heart goes out to you, your family and this little boy. If he has any chance of getting well he needs a stable environment....sadly if he were to have to lose you and your family on top of already losing his mom it could make a difference on how well he can be treated and stabilized. Not an easy thing to face.

I say that you should get your hands on as many books as possible and read about Bipolar in a child. There is one called "The Bipolar Child" by Demitri and Janice Papolos which is the bible for Bipolar moms!! It is written by two child psychiatrists and has a wealth of information. You can find it in your local library.

You sound like a saint....this little boy is lucky to have you and that you are brave enough to acquire as much as you can in terms of knowledge before making such a life altering decision. There is alot to weigh in terms of adopting this little can either affect your family in a negative way since raising him will take much love and sacrifice or it could give your family the gift of seeing what love and a nurturing family can do to shape a little boy's life in a way that nobody else would have been able to do.

BTW...,there are many famous, bright, successful people who have or had BP. Just a few worth mentioning are Beethoven, Galileo, Vincent Van Gogh, Hans Christian Anderson, Jean-Claude Van Dam, Jim Carey, Robert Frost, Sir Isaac Newton, Jane Pauley, Ned Beatty, Robin Williams, Theodore Roosevelt, Vivian Leigh etc.

I know that this must all feel so overwhelming and no matter what you do decide know in your heart that you have already made a world of difference in this little boy's life.

I check in once in a while and if I can help answer anymore questions for you please feel free to ask.

And may God Bless you for being an angel in this boy's life.:angel:

~ IG :)

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