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Glad you like the idea about the BF having more of a chance of getting your daughter to see the light.;)

As much as you are right about my daughter not needing a controlling BF, a very good therapist advised us NEVER to say anything mean or bad about a BF, that will just drive them to protect the boy even more. So we are just patiently waiting for her to somehow "see the light" if there is a chance of that happening.

From my own experience in the past, the more my parents said no the more that I would go.....I think there is a saying, "Love your friends and keep your enemies close";)

I like the guy, I think that he is immature and doesn't know how to have a GF....he comes from a broken home and his mom has a baby and is engulfed in him. As a matter of fact, he took hubby and I aside the other day and asked our permission to get our daughter a bird seeing how much she fell in love with one at the pet store. On his own he asked the store owner if he would put the bird aside for Christmas.

He treats our daughter well by taking her out to dinner when it is their monthly anniversary.....there is a problem IF he is doing what my daughter says....remember she still distorts things. She told me that he told her that long distance relationships don't work and if she goes away to college that they probably won't last. He doesn't want to go to college and now she seems to be putting her plans to do so on hold. So a part of me thinks that he may have voiced his concerns and then she took off with it and interpreted it as something else.

She's just as, if not more, immature than him. Every guy she has gone out with is "the ONE" and she quickly has them making plans with her to get married.

She already shared with me how her and her BF have plans to live together when they are 19 and get married shortly after so that she can have kids when she is young and can still relate to them!! Ha ha....I looked at her and said, "Hey sweetie, there isn't a mother in this world who can relate to a teenager!!! Good luck with that one!!!" Then I calmly reminded her of all the relatives/friends that we knew who got married right out of high school & were now divorced, barely able to make ends meet, and wishing that they never had done so. And I left it at that!!

Yes, she's fragile but deep down inside she is a smart girl.....she has come out with how much this all bothers her and I am hopeful that in time she will come to her senses.

Thank God we have a distraction...tryouts for the school play are on Mondqy and she is soooo excited about that. It was PERFECT timing and she is hoping to get one of the leads. She just might because she is familiar with this play!!

It's Godspell and she was in it as part of the chorus a few years back at another school when she first started showing an interest in theater but mosty in the singing. She doesn't like the acting part of plays so she knows that she doesn't want the main lead, she shared with me how she has problems remembering things and will probably screw up the lines, probably a result of the meds.

All on her own yesterday, she called her voice teacher and had her get the music together so that she can help prepare her for tryouts this Monday!! The teacher gave her the music as an early Christmas present yesterday at her lesson and she booked up any free slots the teacher still had available up until Monday so that she could get herself all ready to do her best to get a good part!! I NEVER saw her so motivated as this....she downloaded the music and has been singing the songs in her room ever since yesterday.

The best part of it is that her BF sort of was discouraging her from her singing as well saying that it took too much time away from them when she had her lessons (yup...there are concerns there) but the most important thing is seeing her do what she loves anyway!!:D So that SMART girl is truly not letting ANYBODY, even a BF, rain on her parade!!

This "purgatory" (as I call it), of being between what we had before BP became a part of our lives and what are lives are now that it has touched us, is such a difficult place to be. I see her getting better but I also see how fragile and vulnerable the BP makes her and us as a family. But I REFUSE to let it get the best of us and what is AMAZING is that my daughter is beginning to do that too!!

Hang in there Jules....there's a light up ahead keep looking towards it!! It may look dim but it IS there.:angel:

~ IG :)
Oh ladies....sorry but it has been a busy with trying to get into the Christmas spirit around here!!:jester: I set up a Christmas village each year and over the past few years between a move and all that was happening before my daughter was properly diagnosed as well as my brother's health declining I just wasn't able to do it. But this year I FINALLY broke it out and have been working earnestly for the past week at a very slow pace with lots of breaks and it is looking magical and the spirit of Christmas is truly filling our home and my heart. Could be because if brings back wonderful childhood memories when I helped my mom set it up each year making sure everything was in it's place!!

So, Chelle, seems like there is lots to celebrate with Amanda doing so well. Risperdal was one of the first meds that worked out for my daughter in stabilizing her mania and impulsivity. However, we soon had some side effects that had us switching over to Seroquel. I am glad to hear the great news!! I am doing that happy dance just for YOU!!!:bouncing:

Tee ~ sorry to hear about your little boy and his not listening....perhaps setting up a chart of things you expect of him that are highest on your list (remember you need to pick your battles;)).

Make a list of about 5-6 things that are expected of him...for example no hitting, no disappearing in a store, doing homework, listening the first time he is told to do something and getting to bed on time. Then make a list of things he likes to do that are priveleges eg: watching TV, playing video games, having a friend over, going to a friend's house, etc. Then tell him he gets three strikes and then you start taking special privileges away....starting with the least to the most. And let him know that as he loses these things that he will not get them back until the next chart goes up at the beginning of each week.

Then have a spot where there are rewards.....for each week he doesn't get three strikes he gets a star and after he makes 3 stars he gets to do something extra special such as pick out a DVD to watch or go to the park or something that he likes to do. I use to do this with my girls when they were little and it worked out pretty well....I hope that it may help you out too.

If either of your children have BP you mustn't put such guilt on yourself....somebody genetically passed it on to you so should that person be looked upon badly??? It's nobody's fault if that happens the good thing to keep in mind is that you have the opportunity to show your kids how to manage the BP....that is why you MUST try your very best to get the help that you need because you are setting the pattern for your children if they are to have to get help in their future. MOst likely they are just being kids but it is wise that you keep an eye on them for any signs because as we all know, the earlier it is treated the better the overall outcome. Hang in there.

As for my daughter...the med adjustment caused us some problems but we seem to be back on track (that is until she forgot to take today's afternoon dose and had some problems with agitation and increased irritability).

I called her pdoc on Friday and we decided that we should slowly make the change over so we agreed that she should take 200mgs of Seroquel in the afternoon when she gets home from school and then the rest of it with her Lamictal at bedtime. That worked out very well over the weekend and today until, like I said, she forgot to take the afternoon dose. She just took all of it at bedtime so this will be a good indication of how well she will do with that. We see the pdoc on Wednesday.

Good news is that my daughter tried out for the lead role in the school play today. She is much more confident and really excited. We are hoping that she will finally get her big break and get one of the leads....she loves the singing part and isn't strong as far as acting goes but she says that the lines in this particular play are short and should be easy to learn. So keep those fingers and toes crossed...we should be hearing something either on Wednesday or Thursday.'s time to get the Christmas tree set up!!! Only 2 weeks left until Christmas!!!:D Sing with me ladies..."Tis the Season to Be Jolly...fa la la la la la la la la la:jester:"

Hoping that everybody else is feeling the joy and spirit of the season. Uh oh....I have to get back to my Christmas cards many things to do and so little time.:dizzy:

Later ~ IG:)

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