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I have a six year old boy in my kindergarten class who poops on the floor, in pools and one time he pooped, wiped himself and then stuck the toilet paper on my filing cabnet in my classroom. He also gets very angry when his work is not done perfect. He will throw things,hide under the table and talks mean to the other children. I am afraid for the other children. What do you think is wrong with him (if anything)? I have talked to our guidance worker and we are thinking of getting him tested. What are your thoughts?
My thoughts? What kind of parenting is he getting and what is going on in this household?
I'd say that's certainly not normal 6 year old behavior......
I'd get the parents involved, pronto!
you definitely need parental involvement, but tread carefully, as it might be the parents that are the root cause of his anger issues! that kind of anger and aggression are not normal in a six year old child. it could be something tragic, like a bad home life, or it might be something simple like he's having a reaction to the foods he is eating. i've posted numerous posts about artificial flavors (look in children's health under a post titled "7 year old....") and artificial colorings and preservatives in foods and how they make my daughter react. either way, it needs to be investigated! good luck!
I am certainly willing to bet that this behavior stems from the home. I have a 6 year old and she never behaves like this. There are several different personalities in her classroom (I have volunteered since preschool), and I have witnessed a lot of different things. The sad conclusion to almost all of them stems from something to do with the parents. Please get the guidance counsellor involved when you talk to the parents.

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