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it's funny that you started this technique (treating him as a 3 year old) because it is exactly what i do with my 4 year old. she occasionally has accidents for the same reasons your son says. "i was just playing and didn't want to stop." i tell her i'm going to take away her 4 years old and make her a 3 year old again... because she was SOOOO proud when she turned 4 (her cousins are 4 years old). it's a great technique because you aren't really "punishing" him, you are just treating him the way he is acting.

if you stick with this technique, make sure you do it all the way.... even go slightly overboard with it.... and stay consistent with it the whole time until he has a whole day of going to the bathroom without you telling him to. if he can do that, then you can go back to treating him like a 5 year old until he does it again.

never show emotion or frustration about it, or give extra attention or lectures..... i just act kind of bored with the whole thing and act very matter of fact, "this is the way it is because you chose to act like a three year old baby."

when my daughter says "mommy i had an accident." i won't even look up or stop what i am doing. i'll just tell her, "okay, so you choose to act like a three year old today. go change your clothes and put your wet panties in the laundry room. then wash your hands." she does it, and i keep doing what i am doing, pretending i don't have a care in the world. i don't bring it up again either until she wants to do something that a 3 year old doesn't normally get to do.... like go to a friends house, or have a friend over, or get her own snack out, or stay up and watch a movie..... things like that. and i tell her again, in a very matter of fact way, "oh, i'm sorry but you chose to act like a three year old and three year olds aren't big enough for [whatever she wants to do]."

stick with it, it's a great technique!!! good luck! :)

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