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You are not being mean hshaw03. Kids need boundaries and they are going to test them anyway they can. Don't you remember being like that with your parents when you were growing up?

I have two daughters as well. One will be 7 in August and the other will be 2 in June. My girls share a bedroom, do yours'? What has worked for us is that there is not a television in the girls' room. They each have certain shows they like to watch and therefore their "tv time" will go along with those shows. My older daughter (not so much my younger one because she's not old enough to understand) will lose her tv time or her computer game time for talking back. There is NO debate about it because she knows the consiquence. There are also certain things that are expected of her on a daily basis. She makes her bed, sets the table for dinner, makes sure her room is clean, etc.. We have a very established routine which I think helps a lot with the sassiness. She knows what to expect.

I'll give you a basic rundown of our day. The girls are up early, always have been. Breakfast is usually on the table by 6:30am. They eat and while I help to dress my younger daughter my older daughter goes to get herself dressed and make her bed. When she comes downstairs she brushes her hair and teeth. On a school day she will make sure her lunch (that I made when she was doing her thing) is in her backpack with everything else she needs for the day. The bus picks her up by 8:15am and she gets dropped off by 3:45pm. She will come home, have a small snack, and play with her sister. Dinner is on the table by 5:30pm. She will take a bath or shower after and get dressed, and brush her teeth and hair. When she is done with that it's around 6:30pm and her sister goes to bed. She will read me a story at night. When she is done reading I will let her watch Hannah Montana before she goes to bed. The only days that are different are the weekends, but I keep the activities going. She is very crafty so I keep the "art cart" stocked for her.

I hope that was able to help. Establishing a routine takes time. The girls will not like the change right away and they will try to get you to bend the rules. But you can't expect them to all of a sudden go along with a new plan and not try to fight you. That is where you need to be consistent. If bedtime is 8:00pm then that is it. There is no arguing for a movie. If they cry, let them cry from bed. It won't hurt them. That is you showing them this is the rule and this is how it is. Bend that rule once they will keep pushing until the rule no longer stands, you know? Talk to your husband and figure out what king of routine works for your family because every family is different. Realize it will take a couple of weeks for the girls to get use to it and expect them (the older one especially) to try to push buttons. If you stand your ground every time they will get over it.

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