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I would echo the same questions as Sannah.

In my experience when a child starts lying and the grades start suffering, it usually means one of two things. Some sort of emotional or physical issue has happend or they have become all consumed with either friends and social activities or video games and/or internet.

My daughter was an excellent student and very polite etc, till she became part of "the popular group". From that point on, it was a constant struggle to get her to focus on anything but her friends. She never missed school, even hated staying home when she was sick, for fear she might "miss" something.

In either case, I think your best bet is to find out which of these things it is and work on the issue. If something has happened that has upset or traumatized him, he may need counseling. If it's the social thing, you need to allow him to be social, but on your terms, not his. Also, pay close attention to the kids he's hanging around with, not just in the neighborhood, but find out if he's with a different group at school. Their behavior could be a good indicator as to why his behavior has changed. Peer pressure is not a myth.

Do you feel he would be honest with you if someone were bullying him or worse yet physically assaulting him? Are the lies about small things or is it pretty much everything?

Best of luck and please let us know how it's going. And please don't beat youself up. It is a different world out there today and it sounds like you are a very present parent. We all do the best we can.

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