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All 3 girls share a room. We still have the playpen set up in our bedroom for the babies naps and if she goes down at night before the 2 other demons go to sleep. If we didn't have her in our room, she would constantly be woken up.

Here is out dilema...recently, the last 2 months or so, the 2 older girls think that bedtime is a big joke and they like to push all of mommys buttons. It takes hours (no exageration, they get put in bed at 8pm and don't go to sleep until well after 9:30 or 10p) all the while, they play in the closet, jump on their beds, run into the front room and various other things. I dred bedtime because DH works nights and I usually have to handle them on my own. Lately I have been getting very frustrated and have started to spank. I give them a warning, then if they do it again I spank them, this is obviously a joke because they laugh most of the time. I have gone so far as taping the light switch down so the 2 yr old wont turn it on, I know that the 4yr old is telling her to do it, I have also ended up putting the 2 yr old in the "baby bed" (crib) because she can't listen.

ANyhooooo.....anyone have any bedtime suggestions? We do have a schedule in place and follow it each night, so there has to be something else I can do to get them to go to sleep, shy of calling in SuperNanny, I'm willing to try anything.

My mom told me that sometimes my sister and I wouldn't go to bed so she would let us stay up until we finally fell asleep, I'm all for that, but we stayedin our room and my kids don't

Sorry this is so long...Maggie

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