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Hi: I agree with caringmom, that you just need to sit her down and be honest with her about the world outside. You don't have to scare her or take away her sweetness. She just needs to know that there are many different kinds of people out there and some children do not know the difference between right and wrong. Sometimes even the ones who do know the difference, choose to do bad things anyway.

I would deal with these situations as or if they arise. Giving her too much to think about at this age might only confuse her. But, most importantly, teach her to "fight her own battles". Don't be in a hurry to jump in and call a teacher or a parent if there is a problem. Just discuss the pros and cons with your daughter, give her advice as to how she should handle it and let her do it on her own. This is the only way she will learn independence. If mom and dad jump in, she will assume she never has to stand up for herself, and will be at more risk of being taken advantage of.

Best of luck and don't worry too much. She will do just fine.

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