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I agree with the last two posts.. when my kids were little, I was super vigilant about keeping them away from sick children and always cancelled play dates if anyone had even the slightest sniffle. I didn't leave the house without anti-bacterial gel etc. Then they entered grade school! It no longer mattered because not everyone had the same ideas I did about keeping sick children home. I worked in the health room at my boys school one day a week a couple years ago and couldn't believe how some parents would send their kids to school sick. I would have kids come in that had vomited that morning at home, and would be sent to school!

If a child is obviously sick, has a fever, vomiting, strep etc. Then yes, they should stay home and not intentionally pass along a virus to friends. In the case of the original post, two days of not vomiting sounds pretty safe to me. The guideline at our grade school is 24 hours before they should come back to school.

Bottom line is, kids are exposed to viruses all the time and many times they are contagious before they even show symptoms. You would practically have to live in a bubble to avoid them. And yes, the more you are exposed to them, the stronger your immune system will get.

Another interesting of my boys will often come down with something and no one else in the family will. We're carefull about washing hands and not sharing utensils etc. Viruses are strange that way

Sorry to ramble on, try not to be too angry with your friend, if it is going around your neighborhood, your child may just as easily picked up the bug from someplace else..just a thought :)

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