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this is so funny.... i could have written this post!!!! you have exactly described my younger daughter! she is two and a half and she does exactly the same thing! she was really REALLY bad when we first took the guard rail off her crib (to make it like a toddler bed). we wouldn't get halfway down the hall before she'd be at her bedroom door calling us and looking pitiful! it got so bad with her that we finally gave up and put the rail back on her bed for another several months (she was about 21 months when we first tried it). i didn't try again until she was about the same age as your daughter and she went right back to the same old standing at the door habits (we have the gate in the door too).

what has finally worked with her was the "supernanny" method of not talking to her at all, and just walking her back to the bed and putting her in and leaving with no extra cuddles, no lectures, nothing extra at all. just silently taking her back to her bed and putting her in it. it took about a week to really get her broken of the habit, but she finally started going to bed and staying there!!! occasionally she'd get out of bed (i think to test the waters!), but i'd just go stand in the doorway and point to her bed and she would run get in it without me having to drag her there!

HOWEVER..... when she started cutting her back molars a couple of weeks ago, which happened right around the time her daddy got back home from being deployed, she got WAY out of her routine and is really just starting to get back into it again..... it's taken a few weeks of working out the best time to give her ibuprofen and making sure her daddy gets to spend enough time with her before bed and such. two year olds are hard to figure out sometimes!!!

anyway, point is, make sure she isn't cutting her back molars, because that can be a huge factor in her going to bed. and if you don't have a white noise machine, i highly recommend getting one! and try the supernanny technique. the first time she gets out of bed, tell her simply that, "it's bedtime..." and walk her to bed and put her in it. after that, don't say anything, just put her in her bed and walk out of the room. as long as you are consistent, and don't give in to her demands, she will learn. hope this helps!!! good luck! :)

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