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Hello everyone. I am looking for some advice for my 10 year old son who is in grade 5. His grades are not the best - mostly c's. He is very lazy and just doesn't try hard or apply himself. He does the minimum just to get by. Last year we did a reward system with him. If he passed 50-60 he would get $1, 60-70 he would get $2 and so on. If he failed the reverse would apply and we would take away $1, $2 and so on. We kept a list and at the end of the school year, tallied up the total and gave him the money. This seemed to help a little bit. This year, the tests haven't really been coming home so we haven't had much to go by so we haven't followed this method. Next year he will be going to middle school and things are going to get harder. I don't know how to motivate him or whether or not I should punish him. I'm looking into some type of summer learning program or maybe tutor.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Have you looked into why he's not doing well? I don't believe he's just lazy and unmotivated. Every kid wants good grades, there's something holding him back. When does he do well, what subjects or types of tests or work? For how long has he been performing poorly?

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