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Hi I have an 8 year old son. He is really smart and likes to act like an adult. In all honesty, he really is profound and quite mature for his age. He has this awareness about the world that you don't really see in 8 year old kids.

However, he is making things very difficult in the house. He has ADHD and I know there are some things he will just do because he just will. But he has this attitude like he thinks he knows everything and everyone else is wrong. He has these smart mouth comments, but at dinner one night he told me that he knows it sounds smart, but he's just saying what he really thinks and is answering our questions. It's the tone in his voice, like arrogance or something!

I am very strict with him and i know I taught him better than that. I don't know if he's just too smart and grown up for his little body or if he's really being a crap head. It's so hard to know at times and when I'm frustrated I'm just not in the mood for it.

That's another thing. He just doesn't listen. I know ADHD plays a role in this, but even after meds and everything, it's like he just jokes around all the time and doesn't take us seriously until we yell. I start off nicely like 9 times, but I can't take it anymore!! Then of course he does it but gets angry at me telling me I didn't need to yell at him. But if I didn't he would not have moved an inch. It's like everything is on his time and he gets upset over these little things and I just don't know when he's joking and when he's not.

How do you teach a child to know when to stop, when the word stop is not enough, or punishment, or anything!!

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