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Oh I understand you situation so well....I am a 30yr old single mother of four kids ages 12-11-7-7, I suffer from Bipolar disorder and have since I was a preteen. My 11 yr old and one of my twins were diagnosed with bipolar disorder and all of my kids were diagnosed with ADHD. While I believe the other 2 have ADHD I think my bipolar kids were misdiagnosed as Bipolar and ADHD have a lot of similar symptoms in early childhood.
I saw some posts about age requirements for diagnosis and all I can tell you is this: you know your child, and if something is not right and you knwo it keep on ti utnil you feel you have the answer. As for your child being too young, this is not true. It is "more difficult" to diagnose at that age but not impossible or even unlikely. If there is a family history it makes it easier for the doctor to compare the child' symptoms to that of bipolar disorder instead of looking for an illness that there is no history of.
My daughter has a mild form but my son is 7 and is extremely manic and moody, he is highly destructive, he needs supervision 24/7 to avoid him hurting himself or someone else, he is violent when he doesn't get his way but within 2 minutes acts as if the world is great....his mood swings have gotten very bad over the last year or so. He is the sweetes kid int he world but when his disease rears its ugly head, I feel like he is a totally different child.
I hope you have a great support system and a good doc as this is important. I am struggling with many other issues than just the bipolar disorder but it is definitely at the top of my stresses. Being a parent with bipolar is a blessing and a can relate and therefore it is easier to understand the behavior. However, due to the fact that people with bipolar disorder have problems coping with extreme stress it is harder to tolerate the behavior we know so well....
I am glad to have joined and hope to find other parents to talk to because let me tell you, it is so nice to talk to someone who knows what you are going through and does not think you are overstating the problem. Good Luck and God Bless :angel:

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