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I wonder if somebody can let me know your experience with giving birthday parties for your children and the rsvp for the party.
My son is turning 8 and I have invited his whole grade, 2 classes, about 40 children. I mailed the invitation to each child's home and asked the parents to rsvp by a certain date. I sent the invitation about 3 weeks prior to the party. When the last day to rsvp had come and gone, only 6-7 people had responded out of 40. I felt horrible, but wanted to give people another chance to respond since it is possible that some people may simply have forgotten. I wrote an email to each person whom I hadn't heard from and reminded them of the upcoming party. I asked them to please let me know if they are coming and how many people they will be bringing (we invited both parents and siblings) so that we can plan how much food we need. After this email I got another about 10 rsvp's, half of them said no. More than half of the people never bothered to respond.
I feel awful. I feel personally rejected, but the worst part is that my son is rejected since it is his party. He keeps asking me every day now if so and so is coming and yesterday he said that he realizes that kids don't want to come to his party. I have no idea how to interpret this. My son seems to be liked in school. When the school year ended in June, he brought home a booklet where kids wrote who is their friend and a lot of kids wrote his name.
I see these parents in school and nobody is saying anything. I feel that by sending an invitation to their house and also writing them a reminder email, I've done enough. I don't want to beg people to come to our party.
Is this the way it is now that people are this flakey or is this something that is against our family? I feel very depressed about this because rejection is hard to deal with for most people, especially of this magnitude.
We always go to parties my kids are invited to, I even reschedule other things so that I can take them and it wouldn't occur to me not to rsvp at all.
I wanted to be nice and not exclude any child, that's why I invited the whole grade, but now I regret it.
A few girls apparently said to my son that they don't want to come to his party. Maybe this is an age thing. Maybe 8 year old girls say that to boys. I don't know, I can only guess. Both my husband and I feel terrible for our son. He shouldn't have to experience this kind of rejection at age 8 from his class mates' parents.
I have written in my other posts that my son goes to a very expensive private school. A lot of the parents are wealthy, but a lot of them are middle class, struggling to put their kids through a good school. We are definitely not wealthy.
My son's teacher last year adored him and so does his current teacher. They have both said that they are very happy to have him in his class. I have very good report with both teachers.
I like a lot of the parents and have never had any confrontation with anybody. I know there is one mother who doesn't like my son and has apparently told her son not to play with my son, although the boys like each other.
Am I being too sensitive?

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