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Bare with me! I have a lot to explain before I get to my problem!

In the beginning you have the bassinet by your side, if you breastfeed you don't even get up out of bed to pick her up and lay her by your side. I was one that heard every move, every breath, everything!!! I was obsessed with her! I had waited so long to meet her (as all mothers do!) and I missed her so much being with me for 9 months in my belly that I just didn't want her out of my sight. My husband at the time and I had been having problems that started before I even had the baby and after I had her he basically moved to the other room because he had to wake up at 3:00 every morning to go to work and with the baby up every two hours he just couldn't handle it. So she stayed with me and slept with me every night. I did end up getting her crib and putting it beside my bed and sometimes she would sleep in it and sometimes she wouldn't. After the horrors of hearing other children abducted in their own bedrooms (Jessica Lunsford - 30 miles from my home) I had ruled her sleeping in her bedroom out 100% because at the time her bedroom actually had a door leading to outside which freaked me out even more! People are just sick anymore and I just couldn't bear the thought of something like that happening to my daughter.

She is 2 and a half now... instead of a teddy bear, or a baby doll, or even a blanket her security is my hair. She can't sleep at night without holding it and pulling it. I actually have lost hair because of this - don't get me wrong it's very thick and couldn't hurt to lose a few but it's just the point I guess. Infact she won't sleep at all until between 11:30 - 12:00 AM! It doesn't matter what time I lay down (8:30-9:00) with her, she is up and can't keep still until 12 every night!

Now the first thing you might ask is what do I give her to eat or drink?? After 5:00 she has NO Sugar, and never any caffeine unless she has a sip of my pepsi sometimes... I have went out and actually bought in the bulk the new Zephryhills Flavored water that has no sugar no caffeine, etc. And she loves it. Next thing you might ask is about her daytime naps... she wakes in the morning at about 6:45, takes a nap every day around 12-2:30 and that's it! I have discussed with her babysitter (she watches 6 kids in her home - and has done it for 20 years and I LOVE HER!) that maybe she doesn't need a nap because she is maybe sleeping too much in the day and maybe that is why she can't sleep til late every night and she basically said it was impossible because the rest of the kids take a nap and they all do in her living room on palletts! So that's out!

I started school about a year ago and I do my classes online. I work full time and do online school full time. In the beginning I had her on a great schedule where she did sleep in her bed in her room and she went to bed at 9:00 (she was also drinking a bottle at night then and that is what helped her go to sleep with no problem! But she has no bottle now) but that only lasted 2 months and she got sick so I put her in my bed one night and that was the end of that.

I have now tried EVERYTHING... I have read books where you need to close the door and even lock it with the lights off and that is one thing I have not tried nor will I EVER try! It made me sick to even think that people actually do that. That in my opinion would be very traumatizing for a child and I don't agree with it. I have bought baby dolls with "like" real hair and sat in her bed and read her books, etc. but she is just all over the place! She wants to color at 10:30 and eat, and line her baby dolls up and move them around over and over again... she is just so busy but the time NEVER fails! 11:30 - 12 every night!!!

I am trying to get her in her bed in her room, I would have a baby monitor still because of my worries but I don't know what to do... I need advice because I am at my witts end with this and I just feel this will last forever if I don't do something now. My daughter comes before my school and everything else in my life but my schooling is taking a toll because of this, because I have to lay with her for her to go to bed and in turn I fall asleep myself and that time when she should be in bed is when I try to do my work so I am not disrupting my time with her while she is awake. But I have done this. It's my fault that I have allowed her to become so attached to me at bedtime and I don't want her to suffer because of my faults. What do I do?? She is my life and I hate to even see or hear her cry, I don't know how I am going to make her stay in bed because all I really want to do is have her right by my side as much as she wants me by hers, but it can't be healthy for her to be going to bed so late and I feel that she could go to bed quicker and easier in her own bed.

What do you guys think? When I say I work full time and go to school full time, I work til 4, pick her up and spend all my time with her until we go to bed every night. I try and get up after she is asleep to do my work and Thank GOD for online classes! So she isn't lacking attention because I give her my undivided as soon as she is picked up from daycare. So as far as her being so needy at night isn't because she I don't spend time with her because all my time goes to her. I hope I haven't been all over the place with this. I am just trying to state everything that goes on to see what everyone thinks about this... I wish I had my February 2006 due date Mommies... we went through so much together on this forum!!!

I am just in need of advice from past experience or even books that could help! Anything! I don't want this to be a traumatizing time for her because as much as it will be traumatizing for her it will be for me also!

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