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My 4 year old is having anger outbursts and cries easily 5 months after our nanny of 3 years left very abruptly. I think she is experiencing feelings of abandonment that she is unable to process. How can I help her work though these emotions?
I think I need some more information in order to understand properly. You are saying you have a 4 year old daughter who is crying because your nanny of three years left nearly 5 months ago?

At what times is she crying. Is there any sort of stimulus causing her to cry. Such as photographs or something that belonged to the nanny. Or certain times when the nanny was most involved in her life like at bedtimes or snack times?

If none of those things are present and it wasn't happening before I'd be most likely to assume that she isn't having anger outbursts and crying because the nanny is not there, more likely that you have somehow disrupted her schedule and things she was used to and possibly aren't raising her the same as the nanny.
i agree, children need a routine and when the rountine changes it takes a while to get it back to normal. i am in a simlimar situation, my sister and her husband with their two children moved out of state, 3 weeks ago. My son has had some seperation issues and he talks to my sister and the boys on the phone, we have web cam and we also make things to send to her and the boys. Thoses could be things to think about.

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