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I hate to say this, but I've given up giving her any more advice. She's determined that she's going to hate the 6 year old, and doesn't have a problem voicing that to others (other than just myself) now.:( She has said that she's not going to let this little girl come between her and her fiance, but they always end up fighting whenever the little girl is over at her place. I've just told her that I've given my advice and if she chooses not to follow it, that's up to her, but that her and her fiance need to sit down and have a talk and that he needs to start standing up to the little girl's mother. He's afraid to take her back to court, why I'm not positive, and he also refuses to get a set schedule and to stop playing favorites with all the kids when the 6 year old is there.

As far as the little girls mother is concerned, I told my friend she needs to get her fiance to stand up to her, and that she herself also needs to quit allowing the mother to dictate what happens in her house.

Neither of them have done anything to try to sort this out, which is why I've told my friend I don't want to hear about it (I was hearing about it a few times a day, every day).

Since my friend has a custody and access court battle with her own daughter's father, and has (imo) shot herself in the foot with that one, I am hoping that she is court ordered to move back. (She moved about 700 miles away from her own daughter's father). The way I look at it, if she gets forced to move back then she won't have to worry about "hating" the 6 year old, and it will force her fiance to make a decision on whether or not he would follow her back. The odds are that she's going to be moving back because, not only did she tell her ex that she moved to get away from him (big no-no in court), but the judge that's overseeing her case is not happy with her moving. It's a long story.

I know this won't fix things between herself and her fiance (if he moves with her), but at least it'll take the heat off the very negative attitude of the little girl.

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