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Hi Everyone,
Looking for some advice here.
My son is almost 5 years old. He has never been a good eater. On top of that, he has food allergies, so between what he "cant" eat and "wont" eat, I'm feeling really frustrated...with getting him to eat properly. He is of course one of those picky eaters, and I know it's common, but I do get tired sometimes, of mealtimes being such a battle.
Basically his diet consists of mostly carbs....bread, pasta, potatoes.....he will eat some cereals, fruits (just bananas, peaches, applesauce). For me, he wont touch vegetables, although he will "try" them at school. Very sparse on the meat, very very little to be honest.
He is 32 pounds, and is almost 5. Some days I swear I think he's barely eaten a thing, then other times he seems to do "not bad". What I would give for a day to say "Wow, he ate really well today".
I've tried "hiding" food, doesnt work. I've tried all sorts of different techniques, but he is very stubborn. I do give him vitamins. I tried the supplement shakes, but he gets bored of them and wont drink them. I can thankfully get him to drink his milk.
So I'm worried he's not getting proper nutrition to grow? What do you guys think?
Does anyone out there have these issues with their kids eating?
Very frustrated and concerned,
He is four years old, and like other kids that age, he is feeling his power. He is powerful, he has you on the go all the time with his eating. Honestly, have you ever heard of a well-cared-for American child who has starved to death? My solution? Put the food in front of him and leave him to it. I know it is hard, but once you take the whole drama out of it, he will eat or not eat as his body dictates. My sister had one just like this, and this is what she was advised to do. It was a major difference. Mealtimes became calm and pleasant, the boy wasn't hogging the whole attention of the parents., she gritted her teeth and accepted that all she could do was to offer the right sort of food and leave it up to him. He is now a strapping healthy young man with no food issues. Kids thrive on attention and drama, even the negative sort; take this away and the problem is gone. Sera.

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