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I donít want to be an alarmist, but you and your son really need to take action immediately. While this might be an isolated incident it might also be your first glimpse of the tip of an ugly iceberg your son is already dealing with.

If you donít prepare your son now, he wonít know what to do when it happens again. Do something ASAP, before a pattern is formed Ė once established, bully / victim relationships can last for years!

Adam Blum, author of The Total Bully Solution, has written numerous articles on this subject. Heís got some amazing insights, and excellent, practical suggestions about how you can help your son handle everything from name calling to intimidation to physical confrontations.

Iím telling you from my heart Ė do something NOW. The kids who were punished are just getting started; now theyíve got a grudge against your son.

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