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hello everyone. Im 25 yrs old, and my younger female cousin of 15 yrs old was telling me on the phone and via text messages that she drinks with her friends and also gets high when she goes out alone to the mall with them. She tells me how her next door neighbor is trying to get her fixed up with a boy, whose around 18 or so. We live in diff states, and she wanted to know if when she comes to visit me in the summer that I would let her get wasted, b/ she sais she has never been drunk with her friends yet. From what she says, her friends are really wild. One girl who is 14 is dating a 19 yr old and she is on birth control. My cousin said she has done everthing but not sex yet. So I told her if she came down to visit me, drinking was not going to happen. I told her I didnt drink until I was 21 and i never smoked pot. I was always health conscious, and I was too scared to do that stuff, but i never thought it made a girl look attractive.

Her mom has always been pretty paranoid about her children, overprotective of them as Ive always seen. But she lives in a fantasy world, i think. she lets her daughter get highlights every few months, lets her get fake nails, buys her only name brand clothes, etc. Yet my cousin thinks she has no freedom. My Aunt even bought her a necklace for halloween that says ''miss march'' to be a play boy bunny. she wasnt wearing a bra and panties costume, But why would you encourage her to grow up so fast? her mom obviously didnt have a clue about the drinking and drugs, so i made a decision to tell my dad, her brother. b/c if something bad happened to her, i didnt want to feel responsible and not saying anything to anyone is just as bad as encouraging her behavior, i think.

my dad didnt go into details with my aunt...he just told her that she needs to watch her more closely. so my cousin told me how her mom Was harassing her all morning, and how i should have not gotten involved (even though she got me involved, and she knows ive never been wild) and to stop caring so much about her, b/c she doesnt want to be an adult she wants to act like a normal teenager. it's sad when the rebelious groups are considered the norm.

so basically our relationship is shot. even Though her mom doesnt know EXACTLY what her daughter does she didnt even bother to call me. maybe she denies it or just lives in her little fantasy world. now my cousin will never feel like she can trust me. but i was just worried b/c her mom is way to stupid and naive to EVER think her daughter is up to no good, maybe thats why she relies On her mom to do her homework. i hope i did the right thing. i just didnt want to hear about her one day getting raped on something b/c they found out she had been drinking or some guy slipped something in her's bad that the guys she hangs out With are Much older and more likely to take advantage of girls her age. plus it's stagatory rape...any feedback would be appreciated. im just really suprised that teenage girls are already getting into trouble like This.

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