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Always take your children with you when you leave the car. It only takes a second for a child to open the locked doors and get out into harms way. Being strapped in does not mean they will stay strapped when you walk away.

Children are tough little cookies and will survive getting in and out of the car whether it is cold and rainy or hot weather.

Children are too precious to take chances.
I agree in some ways, but have had trouble thinking of any bad things that could happen. My daughter can not reach the locks, and can not un-do herself from the 5pt harness she is in. The car is locked, so no one can take her. The only situation I can think of is if there was an emergency lock-down in the 2 minutes I am inside and I would not be able to get back to her. This is too unlikely for me, so I tend not to consider it too seriously. Again, I would NEVER leave her in the heat or if I knew there was a chance I would be longer than 2 minutes. Here is a good question to consider: What is worse leaving your child in a locked car for a minute or smoking with your child in a car? Since I do not smoke, and have read the dangers of second hand smoke, I would say the latter. However, it is not illegal.
You have to think about things such as someone hitting your car with their vehicle, and also someone who has bad intentions and wants to take a child can get into even a locked car fairly quickly. Daycare centers are places that pedophiles "case out". A child left in a car (even locked) is easy prey for someone who knows what they are doing.

I'm not trying to push my opinions off on you, just giving you some information, that's all.
[COLOR="Navy"]We had a dad here in northern VA who was dropping his older child off at school then got a call, went on to work, forgot the baby in the back seat, went into work and left the 3 month old in the car-locked-in the sun-all day. He remembered when he saw the rescue vehicles at his car. How horrid it was....

I never left our boys. My husband was in the AF and the services were in the forefront of pushing for child safety. So that was a big safety issue for the Air Force. My thought was we worked too hard to get those children, i wasn't going to jepardise them.[/COLOR]
oh good grief..... my mom used to leave us in the car for hours while she went for groceries.... so did everyone else's parents back in the day! this whole thing has just become ridiculous! some of my favorite memories with my siblings is of playing in the car in the middle of the grocery store parking lot, waiting for our mom. and there wasn't a chance in heck that we'd dare get into the front seat, or leave the car, because our mom raised us right (ie: we knew she'd kill us if we did!).

anyway.... as long as it isn't illegal where you live, i don't think there is anything wrong with leaving your kid in the car for two minutes while you drop off the other one.

ibake&pray, isn't that the story where the dad forgot his baby under some unusual circumstances? didn't the mom usually take the baby with her, but she was sick that day or something, so the dad took the baby instead? and wasn't the dad sleep deprived and focused on work, and he just forgot? i [I]hate[/I] that story!!! it's so sad!!! :(

workmom, weigh the benefits and risks of the situation. i've known kids who, if they get out in the rain for two seconds, will go into full blown pneumonia within 24 hours. obviously, they're safer staying in the car. i know other kids who have mastered the art of unbuckling their carseats and they fancy themselves racecar drivers.... obviously they are safer going inside with their parents.... do what you feel is best for your child and don't worry about what anyone else thinks! :)
I have too left my child in the car for a minute or two to run in to some where when he was that age. I didn't want to drag him out in the pouring rain or I just didn't want to drag him out. It was mostly gas stations that I ran into for a minute and I could see him through the window. My son is now 8 and I sometimes ask if he wants to wait in the car while I go in the store. i don't know at this age if it's illegal or not. I also have a son thats 11 that stays with him. I only let my 8 year old stay in the car if his brother wants to stay too. This is when i am going to be more then a minute. They know not to open the doors for anyone. and i lock the doors and crack the windows ( if it's a little hot) when I leave them. If it's to hot outside They come in with me. If your asking others about how they feel do you feel a little guilty for doing it. Would you feel better if others do it? A lot of parents do it and a lot of parents don't do it. It's what ever you want to do. cars now a days will not go into gear unless the brake is pushed all the way down. but you souldn't leave your toddler in the car for very long.
It's as some people said - you should use your common sense (woefully absent these days of hypersensitivity and paranoia).

My own main problem with this - even a minute - is a) someone kidnapping the child and b) the car deciding to roll.

BTW, regarding either a) or b), PLEASE don't leave keys in the car, ESPECIALLY in the ignition! (I don't like that for ANY car, regardless of passengers - it's risky, especially for theives.)

But I wouldn't get over-concerned and uppity about a person who leaves the child there. It's up to you. There's no black or white about it.

BTW, along with the safety paranoia thing, does it ever occur to anyone that perhaps these kinds of incidents (the man with his poor baby - I remember that story) seem to happen MORE now that we have these ridiculous safety implement requirements? They ARE difficult and laborious to work over. It makes 1 not want to deal with it especially for a "minute steak" when it takes 5 minutes to get the kid out and in - thus, untended child.
You should never ever leave a child unattended in a car, period. No excuses, it was raining, he was sleeping, it was only for a minute. Leaving a child in a car alone is neglectful because you never know what can happen and i don't want to go through different scenarios with you i'm sure a lot of the previous posters have already done so.
The fact that you're asking is great, that means that you're not so secure with your decision to actually leave your child in the car. I think the majority of people would answer in the same way, and some maybe not. As for some particular posters whose answer to everything is always "our mothers used to do it" i've said it before and i'll say it again , we are not our mothers, we have evolved as a society and have learned from the mistakes that were made, at least most of us did. You are the mother it is entirely your decision at the end of the day, make the right one, it's you that has to live with it.
I believe this would fall under the category of the perfect parent and what is the right way of doing things?...Well, each persons have their opinion of parenting, the do's and don'ts and it doesn't make it right nor wrong, in this case there is no such thing as a perfect parent....but, common sense is what matters..

Now as far as just plain out personal preference of parenting...In some cases leaving a child in the car for 1 to 2 minutes can be fine, but again it only takes one minute for something to happen...I have also left my child in the car(4yrs old) when I ran into a gas station real quick, but only if I could park right in front of the big window and see my child's every move, but each time I have done that, which isn't too many I think omg what if a car rams my car and my child gets hurt and I wasn't in there, not that I could do anything to stop the accident from happening, but the thought is still there...Now would I ever leave my child in the car under any circumstance and I could not visual see her, never......But, again that is me, I am sure my mom done that beings there was 7 of us and too many to handle in the store, but its all in the persons eye of what they feel comfortable. It does not make me a better parent or a bad parent, it just makes me a parent....
People can have their own opinions just fine it doesn't change the fact that it is totally inappropriate to do this. IMHO, and this is going to upset some, but this is purely laziness on the parents part. There is no reason not to bring him/her in other than you just can't be bothered. If the child is going to get that sick after a few second (doubtful) then they should not have gone out of the house that morning anyway! Just bring the child in with you. Is that extra microsecond of getting the other child out that much trouble that it's worth risking an accident or someone taking your child. Every parent of a taken child I am sure destroys their lives with the "if I had only..." This could be one of those situations.
To the poster that said all that about "I used to be left in the car ect..." well I used to play man hunt outside in the woods after dark, there is no way on this earth my children will be allowed to do that. We live in a different world people we have to accept that and take percautions. Some things we can't protect our children from but we damn well better when we can!!!

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