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I am a working mom who loves and adores her children. I sometimes will leave my 2 year-old in the car if is is raining or extremly cold outside to drop off my 4 year old at daycare. She is strapped in her carseat, I am only gone for a minute, the car is locked and I feel like is is better for my baby to be in a warm, locked car than lugged outside in the cold and rain. I know this is not what I "should do" since it is considered by some to be neglect and even illegal. I would like to know what other parents feel about this issue. Thanks for your [I]personal[/I] feelings about this (not what society says you should feel.)
Always take your children with you when you leave the car. It only takes a second for a child to open the locked doors and get out into harms way. Being strapped in does not mean they will stay strapped when you walk away.

Children are tough little cookies and will survive getting in and out of the car whether it is cold and rainy or hot weather.

Children are too precious to take chances.
I personally didn't leave my children in the car for any reason. I was too scared that even in just a short "minute" too many bad things could happen. If something bad happened to my children because I left them in the car, it would have been my fault because it would have been totally avoidable. I would have never been able to forgive myself.

This is only my opinion, and I'm not judging you in any way. Parents have to do what they feel is right by their children.

You will more than likely get opinions on both sides of the fence here.
[COLOR="Navy"]We had a dad here in northern VA who was dropping his older child off at school then got a call, went on to work, forgot the baby in the back seat, went into work and left the 3 month old in the car-locked-in the sun-all day. He remembered when he saw the rescue vehicles at his car. How horrid it was....

I never left our boys. My husband was in the AF and the services were in the forefront of pushing for child safety. So that was a big safety issue for the Air Force. My thought was we worked too hard to get those children, i wasn't going to jepardise them.[/COLOR]
People can have their own opinions just fine it doesn't change the fact that it is totally inappropriate to do this. IMHO, and this is going to upset some, but this is purely laziness on the parents part. There is no reason not to bring him/her in other than you just can't be bothered. If the child is going to get that sick after a few second (doubtful) then they should not have gone out of the house that morning anyway! Just bring the child in with you. Is that extra microsecond of getting the other child out that much trouble that it's worth risking an accident or someone taking your child. Every parent of a taken child I am sure destroys their lives with the "if I had only..." This could be one of those situations.
To the poster that said all that about "I used to be left in the car ect..." well I used to play man hunt outside in the woods after dark, there is no way on this earth my children will be allowed to do that. We live in a different world people we have to accept that and take percautions. Some things we can't protect our children from but we damn well better when we can!!!

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