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since birth she slept a long time on mom and dad and me -granny-and then put in a baby seat to sleep-she is 5 months now and wont sleep flat in little cradle or her own room in crib??????? she is getting to big for seat ----what should we do first-train her to sleep flat in mom and dads room or start her right away in her own room lying flat in crib?????
We had the same problem, and a nurse recommended putting a drawer in the crib (temporarily) and having the baby sleep in there, because it feels a bit more enclosed than the huge crib. That was at a few months, though, so your 6 month old may be a bit big, depending on the drawer size! ;)

Another thing the nurse had us do was put a can of tuna fish under the top two posts of the bed to tilt it upward a bit, which may help it feel a bit more like the chair, and also help if acid reflux is a problem. We also put a rolled up towell under the drawer for extra "tilting." Good luck!

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