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Boy touching boy
Jul 27, 2009
I have a 5 year old son who has a 5 year old friend. Last fall i caught them in the basement with their pants down showing each other their weenies. I told them to pull up their pants and get up stairs. I sent the other boy home and wrote it off as little boy curiosity. It was the other boys idea to play the "weenie game". Last week my wife caught them down stairs playing the "weenie game" again except this time my 3 year old son was involved and there was touching. My 5 year old son came up with the idea the second time. Is this little boy curiosity or is something else going on. The other 5year old boy has a lot of family problems. My son says no one else has ever touched him that way before only the other 5 year old. The other 5 year old was touching my 3 year old son. The other boys mother thinks my son has been exposed to touching. We think the other boy has been exposed. Not sure what to think. I have a feeling my son learned this behavior from the other boy and thought it was normal play. I think the other boy may have been touched by an adult.

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