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So sorry you are going through this. I know how difficult it must be. I have an 18 y/o daughter who went through rough times in high school her sophomore year. Same as your son, straight A's, sports, extra curricular stuff, then up and nothing. Counseling did wonders for us; but then she [I]wanted[/I] to get help. Anxiety, depression were our main issues. She is doing wonderfully now, and is away at college loving it!
I honestly don't know what to say, but if he's not wanting to get help, it's hard to receive it. There has to be an issue that he is keeping inside of him. I'm sure having his step father say he couldn't live with him didn't help matters.
All I can say is be there for him, [I]listen[/I], but be firm. You don't deserve to be treated the way he treats you. And as for school, he's really hurting himself; does he realize this? You don't need a young man dependent on you for life because he doesn't want to do anything. You need to let him know you will not sit back and support him sitting around all day. That may shake him up and make him think. If it really is mental issues, well, you have a tougher road. To me, is sounds as if he is lashing at you for something.
Thinking of you, and good luck.

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