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You put them in their own bed and let them cry it out. I know that's tough, but this is one of the reasons I never recommend sleeping with a child to begin with. From the first day they come home from the hospital, they need to be in their own bed when they are sleeping. It's safer for them and it establishes independant sleeping habbits right from the get go. A little encouragement never hurts. Rub their back for a minute, let them know your their. Possibly try one of those aquariums that strap to the side and have lights and soothing noises or a mobile above the crib to spark some interest. Have a ritual that you go through everytime, such as a feeding in a rocking chair thats in their room, next to their crib so they get used to being in there and know what's comming. Other then that, the fact is, if they are used to sleeping with you, they are going to cry at first no matter what lengths you go to so that they are comfortable. They have to cry it out. There really isnt any other way. Hope that helps some.

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