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Great advice thank you. My wife and I just moved to a new area and home so the routine in all over the place. We are trying to find one but both of us are stacked with to-dos. I feel that my wife and I both are just spread thin. I'm out looking for work as the same for her, we take turns. Then we had all the unpacking and organizing for the house. Our kids are always watched by us, it is just difficult at best juggling everything. So I'm sure we have loose ends, and my kids are really good at capitolizing on them. We have put child locks on items, but my son has figured out how to open them. So the fridge thing is just frustrating. He knows he will get in trouble for getting in there because we have talked about it many times. Yet around 130 to 4 in the morning there he is making a mess. It doesnt happen every night... thank god. But when it does it is so frustrating. I have great kids, I just think there is areas that really need work. I know things will get better it is just a matter of time. So thank you again for taking the time and replying to my post. I'm excited to use your friends idea with the stacked safety gates :-) Feel free to write anytime.

The Clark Family
[COLOR="Navy"]Maraisuela is right. Children want attention. They don't care if it's good attention or "bad" attention, as long as it's attention. So, it's far beter to give them that "I'm so proud of you for not pooping in the living room" than the "You peed in the dining room again!"

You can always put a chain around the fridge and padlock it. Sounds stupid, but if it keeps the little one out of the fridge and keeps food from being spoiled that when you are out of work is precious...... lock and chain it is.

I like the double stacked baby gates. It's far safer than having the door handles reversed. I have friends that did that, in fact the previous owner of our present house did it, but she had a retarted son that she needed to keep in the house at night. You could aways put a screen door on and put the lock on the outside. That way you can always see them. Just store the door for later.

My hubby was acctive duty AF for 20 years and I often was alone with our two boys, so I know what a handful they can be. Hang in there. Old age and trickery will overcome youth and inexperience any day! ;)[/COLOR]

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