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Your daughter sounds just like my son, who will be 4 in November. He is also strong willed and it is starting to show up at school. I am working with the school now because he simply refuses to share!

My son is very good for me at home, although I would say the biggest problem with him is that he doesn't listen! I have become very firm with boundaries and time-outs. CONSEQUENCES are so important. My son used to get a time out once a week, now he seems to be getting 1-3 daily. I am just not allowing him to get away with it anymore.

Additionally, I am constantly going over rules with my son. Before we get out of the car to go into school, I remind him of the rules. Before we have playgroup, I remind him of the rules. If he acts up when we are out, we leave and he sits in the car. I have found with my son, he needs strict boundaries and I cannot waiver.

He is doing better at school now and we have implemented a reward sticker system at home and school. It seems to be helping. His sticker chart is visual and he understands that when he fills it up, he will be able to get a very favorite toy he is always asking about. He is learning that he has to control some of his behavior.

I recommend you really crack down on your daughter because you want her to have friends. This is a really hard age and what she is doing is normal. Not all kids are as strong willed as ours, but here is hoping they are easy teens. (we can only hope!)

Also, I do think her ears could also be making her act cranky. If she doesn't feel well, this would definitely make her act out. Good luck with the tubes!

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