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My 19 year old daughter has always had a love/hate relationship with food. Up to the middle of grade 6 she loved food....then all of a sudden she lost in a course of about 10 months. I took her to doctors and they assured me everything was fine. She was still eating - but healthy eating, so I wasn't too concerned. She just cut out eating junk food, sweets, etc. Then about a year or so later she started restricting what she ate to only certain foods... always the same kind. Every meal was the same day by day. About 4 to 6 months she would get bored then she would switch to something else. Eventually she decided to become a vegatarian. I was ok with that as she was eating very healthy; except she still was very stringent with the variety of her food. Which eventually led to boredom again...when she was in grade 10 I noticed that she had developed some compulsive disorder traits and she saw a therapist for a while (diagnosed with OCD)...I mentioned the food thing...but again, every thing they looked at came back with a "fine" We even saw a nutrionist at one point. Then a year and a half ago when in grade 12, she suddenly "found" food again...she went crazy eating cookies, chinese food, etc...all the things she once loved but had denied herself for years. Of course she put on weight. And of course her peers had many things to say about that... She started working out more at the gym ( she'd been going for a few years)...she now spends at least two hours every day working out...cardio and weight training. She also cut out all the 'bad" food. She has dropped all of the weight and then some. She eats six "meals" a day - if you can call them that. It seems she keeps cutting more and more out of her diet. I think she is starving herself. I hugged her the other day and all I can feel is ribs. She won't discuss it. She and I, along with my other daughter who is 16, went away this weekend. I wanted to cry...we would go to restaurants to eat and she would go sit in the car and eat her "meal" of brocolli and protein powder. It is very distressing...and it seems to be bothering her to. She told me a few days before we left for the weekend that she was getting tired of this way of eating...but yet when we were going to restaurants I suggested she order a salad or salmon...things she used to eat in the past. but she can't seem to do it.

As I'm typing this, I thinking to myself "of course she has some sort of eating disorder". I guess I just need someone to say it. What do I do?? She also has a lot of other health issues we are trying to figure out - maybe a lot of them are related to this... Sorry for the length of my post.

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