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Eight is a perfect age for a birthday party! I wouldn't hire a clown or have pony rides, or anything like that, but 8 years old is still a LITTLE KID! What makes you think that 8 is too old for a birthday party? I had birthday parties up until I was at least 15 or 16, with my friends all coming over to my house, and my dad would cook out and we'd have cake and ice cream, or my parents would take me and a bunch of my friends out somewhere.

Birthday parties are one of the greatest parts of childhood. The most fun birthday party I ever had was when I was about 11 or 12. My mom bought three or four different kinds of ice cream, and three or four different topping syrups and sprinkles and nuts and cherries and whipped cream, and all of my little girlfriends came over and we made our own ice cream sundaes. It was great! I wouldn't give up those memories for anything!

Oh, and about gifts, I would put "No presents PLEASE" on the invitation. (I am doing that for my daughter's party this year.) Some people may bring something anyway, but when I receive an invitation that says no gifts, I usually don't take one, and if someone else does, that is just fine with me and doesn't hurt my feelings one bit (but I AM less sensitive than most people). Some people just can't follow directions (LOL!)! Keep the present-opening--if anyone brings one--low-key. It would be good the minute someone shows up with a gift, have your son open it in their presence, so they get to see him to open it and acknowledge it, and then kind of set it off to the side. That way the whole group's attention won't be on the gifts, but will instead be focused on celebrating the wonderful occasion of your son's birthday!

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