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Thanks to everyone who gave me advice last time. Now I need more (and I hope no one will be hurt if I didn't follow their advice)! :)

I did put "no gifts please" on the invitation, because I had intended for the "party" (at a putt-putt golf course) to be just sort of a get-together for my son and his friends. (My son hasn't been invited to a "birthday party" in almost 2 years, which is why I sort of thought that 8 was getting too old for a birthday party.) Plus I wanted to save the parents the trouble of having to go out and shop, because I think an 8-year-old boy is kind of hard to buy for.

Anyway, the "no gifts" thing has been a nightmare and I advise everyone to never do this. I have had several parents call me and tell me that they "can't" send their son to a birthday party without a gift. I tried to explain my intentions but they were adamant about bringing a gift. One mother was angry with me, asking me if I had thought about the fact that if some people brought gifts and her son didn't, he would be crushed. Another mom told me her son cried all night because he couldn't take a present to the party.

So, to make a long story short, I know that some will bring presents. How do I handle this so that those who don't bring presents won't feel bad? I thought of bringing a few brown paper sacks and putting the presents in them right away, and then calling my son and each gift-giver over individually during the party to open each gift (out of view of the rest of the kids). Any other advice????


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