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HI1 I'm trying to train child #5, he'll be 3 on march 10th. He knows absolutly everything about the whole process (there's 7 of us in the house so he gets to watch us all!). He doesn't seem to care too much, he'll let me know when his diaper is too wet, sometimes. As far as pooping, he goes off and hides and I can hear him grunting so I know he's doing it but it's always too late to get him to the toilet in time. If it's solid enough I will put it in the toilet and have him flush and wave bye-bye. He's a very bright little boy and understands concepts easily so I am stumped about him. If I don't know that he's had a poop he'll come to me and say "Mommy ca-ca, I get baby wipes" and he'll go get them while I get another diaper and then when I get to him he's usually lying on the floor ready to be changed(LOL). When I take him to go pee (which he wants to stand for), he'll wait a few seconds and then say "can't mommy". I'm confused by him but not overly worried, all the kids (2 1/2 - 3 1/2) in his daycare class are sort of in the process of training (with lots of accidents!).
My 3 girls all trained fully (daytime) between 3 and 3 1/2 and my other son was very easy at 2 years 4 months, it took him 1 or 2 weeks (except for his bedwetting which he just seemed to stop this fall at 8 1/2. I admit I might be a bit lazy about training (I'm getting tired of doing it after all these years) but I also have learned (for myself anyway) it's better to let the child be ready physically and emotionally. And the child should want to do it and not be forced.


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