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Being a mommy of 5 I've had many shared nights in bed with my kids. Frankly I can't sleep with them there, I wish sometimes I could because they can be so snuggly! They all seemed to start coming to my bed once they were out of their cribs (between 2 and 2 1/2) and it seemed to end around 5. My youngest (almost 3) can't do it because I put up a gate in the hallway, if he gets up in the night he doesn't usually get out of bed anyway, he just cries. We tend to him and then back to bed. In the morning he comes out to the hallway and calls for us. As far as my first 4 whenever they came to my bed we just took them for a drink, a pee and back to bed, not to say it was always easy but it worked in the end and was a long process. They are 11 1/2, 8 1/2, 7 and 6 and now only come to my bed if they've had bad dreams or are sick or something hurts. We have let them know they can always come to us but they are to sleep in their own beds. Hopes this helps a little
P.S. 2 more things
1) If they have the flu (vomiting etc.) then we camp out in the living room, child on one very well protected coach with a bucket on the floor and daddy on the other couch.(I can't sleep on the couch due to back problems but hubby will come get me if need be)

2)we've had excessive ear infections with our children that are extremely painful even after giving tempra or tylonal, so in that case I have let the affected child sleep with me in bed (hubby ends up on the couch), but really in that case there hasn't been much sleep, mostly holding and comforting the crying child.
again I hope this helps.


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