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Have you tried putting one of those fisher price Fishy bowls attached to the crib. Both of my kids loved it. it softly lights up with a few sounds and they can turn it back on by pressing the button - it has a self timer. For $20 or $30 it is totally worth it!!! When they had a hard time going to sleep, it gave them something soothing to concentrate on.

I am one of the mothers that let her kids cry themselves to sleep. It's called - learning to self sooth. Really, it's a valid thing. Also, at the end of the day some kids need to let out all that stimuli that they've acculmulated.

My sons are 3 1/2 and 2. Let me think back... My older I let cry for that first set of sleep (he was still breastfeeding) at about 8 mos. old. My younger one, I started to teach him to self sooth at 3 mos. old (again for that 1st stretch of sleep at night; I was still breastfeeding) Both go to bed just fine now. The harder part was getting the older to STAY in bed when he moved to the big boy bed. Check out the books titled The Baby Whisperer. I've seen the woman who wrote this book (don't know the auther) on TV. She is pretty well known and her philosophy is that babies can go to sleep on their own.

Good luck to you. In the end, you end up doing whatever works best for you, the mother.

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