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I have to agree with Seasant on this issue, but I must admit, the "Family Bed" may not be for everyone.
My daughter started sleeping with us when she was 1 year old and started having chronic ear infections. Her fevers would peak at 104 when the tylenol wore off during the night, and I needed to be close to her to feel her when she got too hot. This went on for a year, until we finally got tubes in her ears which immediately cured her, but by then she was "hooked" on sleeping with us. I made several attempts at getting her into her own bed, but just could not stand the crying, and then I had to think hard about why is was so important that she sleep in her own bed, and could not come up with a good enough reason! After all, she slept better between us and after a long hectic day at work and not having enough energy for a lot of quality time with her, the cuddling time we had at night was so special and precious that I wouldn't have it any other way! Luckily, she was a hard and sound sleeper, and if my husband and I needed some private time, we would just move her onto some blankets on the floor and she wouldn't even stir.
This pattern continued until she was 5, then her father and I divorced and I moved into my own place in which she had her own bedroom but was not ready to sleep alone, and quite frankly, there was no reason to put her into her own bed until I started dating again and started a serious relationship and then is was neccessary to begin the process of transitioning her into her own bed. I bought her some new bedding, and together we decorated her room. For the first 2 months, I layed in her bed until she fell asleep which would only take 10-15 minutes. Now, she is 7, and our bedtime ritual is a story, and after I leave, I come back in 5 min. later for another hug and kiss, and she is out for the count. Looking back, I wouldn't do it any different as our cuddling together at night formed a bond that is so special and precious, and I now wonder why there is so much urgency and importance on getting children into their own beds!
There are so many cultures in which the children sleep with the parents, and so why must it be different just because we are American?
She is emotionally adjusted very well, and maybe that just has something to do with feeling secure and deeply loved from snuggling between mommy and daddy?

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