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when my son couldn't sit up on his own yet i buckled him in his carseat or put him in his bouncer thing and showered. When he could sit in the baby seat with the suction cups that stick on the tub I showered with him in it close to the drain so the spray wasn't on him. When he outgrew that I had to take a bath with him because he wasn't steady enough on his feet for him to stand in the shower without slipping, so we'd take our bath and then dry off and then i'd take the shower head and wash my hair after the shower with him in the bathroom. (I hate rinsing my hair in bathtubs, my hair is very long) When my son stopped slipping in the tub we started to shower together. Now that he is 3 we don't shower together as much because he will sit and watch one of his disany movies while I shower as long as I leave the bathroom door open so he can still hear me and talk to me.

I think that showering with your children is a good idea because they see their parents without clothes on, which shows them that there are certain places it is ok to be undressed and other places you have to wear clothes. It also shows the child that our bodies are not something to be embarrased about, and in my case my son noticed when he was 2 that I didn't have a penis but he did, and that "I have underware for my boobies" but he don't. I also allowed my son to watch me brush my teeth, trim my bangs, and put deoderant on, which has made it much easier for me to get those things done on him. YES HE SITS VERY STILL FOR ME TO TRIM HIS HAIR, because he knows that momma has do have those things done to her. But after he started wanting to wear deoderant I started doing certain things when he was alseep for fear of him wanting to have all of those things done (Shaving,anything that only women do,...)

Basically my experiance has been that the more I let my son see that he is that same as me (except the penis or lack of) and that he needs to do the same things as I do to keep himself cleen and healthy the easier it has been on me to get him to do those things.

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