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My sweet, intelligent and affectionate daughter recently turned 3yrs old and has gone from baby to BOSS! I just seems like all of a sudden she is a little girl with a mind of her own. It's mommy this, mommy that, I want this, I want that all day long. And it has to be done exactly the way she wants it done or she has a fit. If you pour her juice, she always wants more in the cup. Pancakes have to be cut exactly the way she wants them, etc. Whenever we go in and out of the house you have to wait for her to go up or down the steps first. It started out fun but now I feel manipulated. Sometimes I get impatient and tell her we're not playing that game and she'll have a crying fit for 2 hours.

Does anyone have any ideas whats going on here? Is it just the normal self-centeredness of 3 yr olds who want everything thier own way or is it more than that? I also have an teenage son with ADD who can be extremely difficult and there is often a lot of tension in the house between me and him arguing over homework, friends, etc. I'm wondering if this is affecting her.

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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