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Well, thought I'd put in my two cents here. My pediatrician has informed (and my personal doctor agrees) it is IMPOSSIBLE to spoil a child under two.

Under two children only think of things in terms of themselves and how things relate to themselves. Nothing you do is going to change it - it is very NORMAL.

At about the age of two, they start developing a sense that things are not always about or relating to them. And then they can realize how the world works in relation to families and their roles in families etc.,

I believe it - my son will be three in May. There is a huge difference in his perception and therefore actions from two until now.

Perceptions make actions - it's common sense that if at fifteen months old a child feels that the world is all about them then if they don't like something they make it known. Their perception is that it should stop because the world is about them and they don't like what's happening.

As my doctor says, for the first two years it's just LOVE, LOVE , LOVE them. There's plenty of time in all the years comming to sweat the small stuff.

My son, as I said, is almost three- he does not have outlandish temper tantrums and he does listen to me. And I did not have to make a big issue when he was younger out of little things. I would talk lovingly and play with him until he say that everything was ok and we just moved forward from there.

Parenting can be hard although rewarding. And being a nanny put you in a parenting role. LOVE the children and do things in a loving way.

The rest will come. But you will find that if given the right amount of support and good feelings now. The rest will come a lot easier then if you keep up these battles.

I do not feel that anyone (much less someone in charge of caregiving) should be berated in front of any child. Regardless, they are the parents and you are the nanny that's the fact of the matter. If you cannot make them understand that it not only unacceptable but more importantly detrimental to the child's development and your role in that development for this to continue you are going to have to accept things or leave.

Good luck to you. I do hope you can work it out.


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