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Re: To Mommyof5
Apr 11, 2003
My son had a "global" assessment done through the hospital (January of 2002) because he was doing so poorly in school. They found him to be attentive throughout the day but very anxious. They also requested 2 questionnaires be done: 1 by the parent and 1 by his teachers. Between what the teachers and I filled out they see he has ADHD, not overly "hyper" but has a hard time to stop fooling around when asked to. By the tests they gave him they could see his strengths and weaknesses in different areas. they were also able to tell what level of learning he was actually at. (about 1 year behind in reading + writing and about 6 months in math). They told me they suspected a learning disability because of the difference in the numbers between "something" and "something" in the I.Q. I guess the best way I can explain that is that he is of normal to higher intelligence (not superior -no geniuses yet!) but COULDN'T perform like he SHOULD. They asked if I had his hearing tested , I said no not recently.

Anyway, I went off and had his hearing tested (probably around March/April 2002 -waiting list) at the local hospital. He has had many hearing tests done already because of too many ear infections, ear tubes (from 3-5 y/o), speech delay (couldn't be understood before 4 - 4 1/2). His hearing test turned out fine he was within normal limits. Then the man asked me if this was the hearing test I was supposed to have done. Well now I was confused! "What other hearing test was there?" He explained to me there is a hearing test to check for processing disorder and that that's probably the one the children's hospital wanted me to do but they aren't equipped to do that special hearing test in English, only in French (Quebec!). So I saw my PED about it, he understood what was going on and made me a referral that he sent to the audiology clinic at the childrens hospital. In Sept.2002 my son had the test done and the results were immediate - he definitely had CAPD, not the worst case but bad enough that they recommended he use an FM receiver in the classroom. They cost about $800.00 Canadian ( even for the love of my son I don't have that kind of $$$). I asked the principal because they are supposed to have them within the school board (so it's April 1st and we're still waiting!!!).

From what I understand about CAPD, the person has a hard time to focus and process on the primary thing because of other noises. for ex. the teacher talking but then there is classroom noises -binders opening, chair and desk noises, kids whispering,etc. so the person doesn't get all the information being said by the teacher.

Another example: "cocktail noises" (I think this is the worst for my son!). the person with CAPD has a conversation with you and is focused on you but the other people's talking and noises (kids mostly in my house because they're loud or the TV) in the house get mixed up in the persons head. the person ends up getting your info mixed up with the other info and then doesn't understand what has really been said! This happens a lot to my son where we say something and the next day he'll say "but you said...". I find it very important to make eye contact and keep his attention. If it's something extremely important I'll actually take him to the bathroom, where it's quieter and lock the door so we're not disturbed! They also recommend using visual cues to help the child understand physical directions, like pointing to his clothes and then pointing to the bathroom as you're telling him to put his clothes in the hamper.

My son always seemed to "not get it" (and still does) and I was starting to wonder if he wasn't a little bit retarded, I hate to admit that. I'm so very happy to find out he's not!

Because of my son having this it made me suspicious of my dd (almost 12) who is severely ADHD and is taking 30mg of Ritalin 3 x a day and still can't focus properly, receives resource 4-6 days out of a 6 day cycle. Her reading level is grade 6-7 but her reading comprehension is grade 4-5, her math is grade 3, her french (a required subject in Quebec) is between kindergarten and grade 1, and because the schools are 50/50 (half English/half french) she has missed out on science and geography because they're done in french. Also they use up those times to give her resource . AND SHE IS SUPPOSED TO GO TO HIGHSCHOOL ( GRADE 7) IN SEPTEMBER!!!). I had her tested and it turns out she has a processing disorder also but mainly with her left ear.

They also tell you to use visual cues with the child like pointing to what your talking about or pointing to the object you want picked up or pointing to where you want him to go, etc.

Sorry it took so long to respond, if you have more ?'s just ask.

mommyof5 :wave:

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