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Hi Mandy~
I don't really have any earth-shattering advice to share with you but I did want to reply none the less.
My son is 12 and is right smack in the middle of puberty already...voice change, facial and bodily hair coming in, body toning and major hormones. He was withdrawn for a long time and his grades had dropped. He wouldn't talk to me or his dad like he used to. He became very irresponsible and I often felt he wasn't being totally honest with me. I struggled with how to punish him and what I should take from him. I had some EXCELLENT advice from this board (thanks, guys!) and just waited it out....kicked the stuff in his room and closed the doors, continued to monitor grades and tried not to nag TOO much. He has come around tremendously! He is so much fun and he is back to his old self.

I don't know how much to "excuse" to hormones or to becoming a teen. I know that you still have to enforce those limits.....I think that this is the age that they are constantly going to test you to see just how far they can push good ol' mom and dad! Marie55 was right on with that! I do think that there is a huge difference in having a bad attitude or being disorganized and stealing. I believe that when children steal it is usually because of peer pressure or attention seeking....or worse. Drugs or drinking can become a factor even in early teen years.

I also would like to say that I understand when you called him your "challenge child". I really can relate to that since I am a mother of 3.....all of whom are extremely different personalities. Just please be careful not to compare him to your "easy child" daughter. I think that sometimes that may cause some of the rebellion in younger siblings. He may sense things and be trying to get attention....not a slam against you or your husband, just a fact that often occurs in families.

Best of Luck to you all! :)

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